Back when we all had blogs, it used to be that if I had nothing worth saying, I would post a flurry of photographs to distract from my silence, a kind of pay-no-attention-to-that-man-behind-the-curtain trick.
Friday chat: your signature snackMy friend Matthew is one of my favorite people to eat with. He’s a terrific home cook, which is part of it, but what’s eve…
Or, a conversation with Catherine Newman
Friday chat: how do you get through it?This week has felt like a LOT.
On recurrent memory, naughty movies, and wondering why
Friday chat: what's growing? (broadly speaking)I was going to begin this with a video that Ash made of me a couple of months ago, crouching on the floor in our front hall in my winter coat, p…
On growing flowers in the midst of it
Friday chat: what are you reading?It’s been two whole months since we last discussed this, and that’s too long. Tell me: what have you read lately that you’d recommend? All forma…
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I've Got a Feeling