or, introducing Ames
A mashup of ho-ho-ho and hyperemesis gravidarum
I like to wake up early, but not early-early. I like to get out of bed when the rest of the house is still asleep, at an hour when the whoosh of a car…
Friday chat: a podcast episode you'd recommendHappy Friday! And happy almost-Thanksgiving, if you celebrate! I’ll be spending the coming week caring for a loved one who is undergoing a medic…
Or, dream a little dream of diction; Brian Eno; and a pumpkin bread
it's a weird title, but hang in there
Hello out there! Maybe you know that I teach memoir-writing classes and workshops, but if this is the first you’ve heard of it… well, I do!
Okay, I know it’s technically been fall for a whole month now, but autumnal weather has been elusive in Seattle. We’ve been living under a blanket of…
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I've Got a Feeling