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December 7, 2022

Friday chat: a podcast episode you'd recommend

Three unrelated things

In praise of saturation

Come write with me!

Friday chat: a fall tradition

I did not expect to have this story

Friday chat: what are you cooking?

From a Pixies album to the meaning of life

Friday chat: what are you reading?

A brain needs to chew

Friday chat: a brief inventory of you

A brief inventory at age 44

"I need to write about this, don’t I?"

“To be in a kitchen, especially if the knife is sharp”

Friday chat: let's get mildly morbid

The Kinder Egg of the self

Friday chat: the summer you were nine

I live for blackberry season

Friday chat: a movie you'll watch anytime

Coming soon:

Friday chat: summer cooking

At this point in summer

The island-on-an-island

“An activist is someone who gives a shit and does something about it”

Letter to a letter-writer

Our father's favorite child

Friday chat: your summer fantasy

That summer feeling

A fraction of a day

Friday chat: your signature snack

"It’s either going to sound like the minutes from a business meeting, or like pornography"

Friday chat: how do you get through it?

Other people's lives

Friday chat: what's growing? (broadly speaking)

A variety of apocalypses

Friday chat: what are you reading?

A measure of risk

Friday chat: who would you interview?

A conversation with Emma Straub

The human body is so fun

Friday chat: what are you watching?

Ode to Gay Stuff

Friday chat: "hobbies"

The names of things, part 2

Friday chat: surprise 180s

The names of things, part 1

Friday chat: a film that makes you feel

A conversation with Amelia Morris

Friday chat: imminent pleasures

On Alice

Friday chat: what are you reading?

Other people's mail

Friday chat: what are you cooking?

Marcella 4EVR

Friday chat: your David Byrne

Proof of being

A voice in your ear

I've Got a Feeling